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Commercial Solar


Solar power is a safe and convenient choice for business owners that allow you to protect your company’s profit margin by sheltering your operational costs from increases in the price of energy. Solar panels installation not only saves you money, it allows you to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions and to create an environmentally friendly image of the company.

Together with Federal Tax Credits* and Accelerated Depreciation*, California Net Energy Metering* and California Solar Initiative (CSI)* your business will save up to 30-60% on the cost to install solar panels, but you must act quickly as these valuable incentives are expiring soon!  We also have flexible and affordable financing for you to purchase or to lease your system!

When searching for the right solar company, you must acknowledge that not all Photo Voltaic Solar systems or companies are the same. The choice of the best technology is critical to achieve the best results in terms of energy production and ensure a safe and stable return on investment, and the right installer with assure a quality and trouble free installation.

Natural Energy Solar is the ideal choice among other solar companies. We will provide you with the maximum production of electricity and complete safety by installing the most efficient technology available on the market.


*Federal Tax Credits and Accelerated Depreciation

The federal government offers a 30% federal tax investment credit on commercial solar power systems, and allows businesses an accelerated depreciation schedule (MACRS) over 5.5 years.



Substantial rebates for both large and small commercial solar electric systems through the California Solar Initiative (CSI).


*California Net Energy Metering

California's Net Energy Metering law allows solar PV system owners to sell excess electricity back to the utility company at retail rates, and receive credit to owners' accounts. When a solar system makes more electricity than is used, the extra electricity goes onto the utility grid, and the utility company credits the system owner.




With over 37 years of experience and knowledge, Natural Energy designs each system to support your specific company needs. We focus on giving you maximum efficiency and performance to lower your overall operating costs. Our customized solutions include analysis of your average utility rates, total usage, current incentives, site layout, and your overall business goals. We want to improve your bottom line.

Solar Plan & Design

Our team works closely with you to develop the best plan and design based on our evaluation. We make sure your project stays on track and in budget. Our experienced team takes you step by step through the project life cycle. 

Solar Installation

Natural Energy strives to make sure installation is successful with the least interruption to your business with the highest level of quality and customer service. Our project managers keep a close eye on all phases of installation, keeping you up to date on progress and noting any concerns you may have. 



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