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About Us

Natural Energy Solar was founded by Ted Mount in 1977. Ted Mount was born and raised in San Diego, California. Right after graduating from high school he started to work for a solar company and soon he has realized the importance and the potential of renewable energy. A few months after, Ted discovers Natural Energy and begins his commitment to expand the use of solar energy in San Diego. It is when a history of quality, innovation and love for our work began. We have been working with solar systems for over 37 years now, specializing in commercialresidential and specialty solar energy applications



Our Mission
Natural Energy Solar promote the use of solar energy to increase our nation's independence from foreign energy, improve our environment and to benefit the customer.

Our Goal is to promote Natural Energy in an ethical and professional manner that will ensure the continued growth of the company. We will provide positive, professional and courteous customer service to all clients and potential customers.



Our Values

Working with renewable energy today means the combination of quality of life, progress, environment and innovation. Renewable energy, in fact, represents the real challenge of modernity, since this is the real socio-economic progress while protecting the environment.

Thanks to the technologies available nowadays, we can reverse the path that is leading to the energy crisis.

Our goal and our commitment is to focus on the real energy needs of the customer, helping and supporting them in choosing the most appropriate way of saving energy.

For our company it is essential to create best practices, to be an example and stimulus for local communities. The values that drive Natural Energy Solar are: excellence; innovation; transparency; respect; team spirit and professional customer services.

It results in a highly professional service and manifests itself in the careful and meticulous care with which its products are made: the choice of the best materials, great attention for our customer needs and safety for our technicians.





What sets us apart?

We present ourselves on the market as having some of the characteristics that we consider fundamental and essential in business relationships: professionalism, quality, availability and cost savings.

Experience & Knowledge

We have over 37 years of experience in this industry, we have done more solar installations in San Diego than every local companies combined!

Why should you choose an experienced company? Lots of startups fail in the first few years, especially when the rebates finish, which may cause problems to customers with warranty and maintenance package that become useless.

We are the only company in San Diego that made it through the energy rebate fallout in 1985 and we have a successful long track record and thousand of satisfied customers throughout Southern California: take the safe bet and go with natural Energy!

Quality & Technology

In terms of quality we do not compromise: we consider suitable only the finest materials, the latest technology and the best employees. The high standards of quality at the basis of our products provide maximum value and efficiency.

The energy yields higher than average and the long life of our systems are the result of our strict quality criteria. In this way, we want to ensure the investment of our customers in the long term and maximize profitability. So our customers take advantage of all the benefits of solar power. Today and in the future.

Cost Saving

We have enjoyed a steady growth in our business numbers, winning the challenge of today's market, thru research and development of those who are the most functional forms, and at the same time more cost-effective way to use solar energy.

We offer several financial solutions that make install a solar system an affordable investment.



We offer only the highest quality products available in the industry. We have installed over 30,000 solar energy systems and are one of the few companies that have been in the business longer than our warranty. Our Solar Advantage™ pool heating systems are proudly manufactured in the USA. Several collector types are available for custom applications.

Solar Electric For Home

We design and install solar power systems.

Natural Energy provides a wide range of renewable energy services designed to help you get the most out of your energy source — from installing a complete solar power system to optimizing your home’s energy efficiency.

The installation crew was very professional and knowledgeable. We're enjoying watching our meter spin backwards... Great job from start to finish!



804 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd., Ste #116,
San Marcos, CA 92069

Telephone: 1800-868-1209 (Toll Free)

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